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ops led by Saudi Arabia, Yemen has been dragged into a civil▓ war which shows no sign of abating un▓til today."It is fair to say today that e▓very single girl and boy in Yemen is facing acute humanitarian needs," Cappelaere said, add▓ing that the war and underdevelopment had done "unfortunately nothing good" for the children.The official said there were 200,000 children suffering from severe malnutrition in 2015, already one of the highest numbers in the world by then. Yet, the n▓umber has doubled in three years' time till now, according to Cappelaere.Acknowledging that the cholera outb

reak in Yemen had been stemmed and that a vaccination campaign against dip▓htheria had been conducted in the past two weeks, the official said health and humanitarian ▓workers both in Yemen and from the international community "should pause for▓ a moment to be proud" of these achievements."But let's not fool ourselves," Cappelaere added, warning a comeback of t

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ullah Saleh, to his depu

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  • war."The official called for an immediate cease of war and urged ▓authorities in all parts of the country to allow en

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